How We Design Your Own Personal Fitness Program

  • We begin with you and why you’re here.
    • Call this your health-fitness profile.
    • First, we ask you to tell us about yourself. We learn by listening.
    • We want to understand your physical history, physical conditions, special needs, and so on. (Not your innermost secrets. We don’t care if your grandmother was a pirate or why you hate rap music.)
  • Then you tell us what you want to achieve. And why.
    • Yes, both of us need to know “why.” This is the “Big Deal”— more so than you think, and it’s the main reason people succeed or fail in a fitness program.
    • “The Reason Why” is a key to unlock your motivation – your actualization. It’s not enough to say you want to lose weight, or you want to “feel better.” Everyone wants these or some combination of them. But these are the results of training, not the starting place or even the reason why. No matter what shape you’re in, we begin at the beginning. No assumptions and no missed steps.
    • Are you beginning to see why ordinary fitness prescriptions have failed for you
    • It’s because no one ever asked you why.
    • One simple question (and the answer) makes all the difference.
    • We know from professional experience, that . . .
    • If the “reason why” can be clearly stated and understood by you and your trainer, then the basic concept of a fitness program for you as an individual begins to take shape. That is the beginning of your own unique solution to your fitness needs.
  • How you attain your specific objectives is a result of your own program design.
    • A series of elements are assembled into a realistic program to specifically address your needs and that progress at your pace.
    • And it can be measured (without weighing you) so you can feel and understand the gains. As you move through your process, you will recognize new needs that can be incorporated into your program with professional advice and expertise.
    • You will achieve your goals – in your own way and for your own reasons.

Send us a note. We’ll get right back to you, for your initial visit to our facility at your convenience.