Our society now has a group of diseases that are so numerous and commonplace that the medical community has begun to simply refer to them as “lifestyle diseases.”
These are chronic and potentially fatal conditions that are not caused
by virus, pathogen or plague but rather by
our own poor food choices and lifestyles.



Nutrition is a very Personal need
because no two people have the same nutritional requirements.

That means your nutritional fitness program must be as unique as you are.

Your body chemistry is not exactly like anyone else. Your nutritional needs are not either.
Even your lifestyle and your physical needs separate you from others.

Our professional nutritionists will correct the common but erroneous belief that
good nutrition means a strict diet plan.

We will show you a new, logical concept of Personal Nutrition:
that good nutrition means simply eating correctly –
no overcompensating diet plans, no carb or calorie counting. No “nutrition supplements”
Just simply eating foods that sensibly fulfill your nutritional needs.

Nutrition Training is a KEY Part of Your Personal Fitness.

Everyone at Martino Training Systems has extensive professional credentials,
training and experience in full body fitness, nutrition and health sciences.

So where do you begin?

Here’s how Martino Training Systems simplifies everything
you’ve heard about Nutrition.

The dreaded carbs, the killer fats, protein, the body’s building blocks.

Learn why these aren’t as scary as you’ve been told.

Yes, we’ll actually tell you the basics of it right here.

So even if you don’t know much about nutrition . . .
you’ll see how simply we make it for you when you visit with us.

First, all foods fall into just three basic categories called Macronutrients.
They react in measurable and predictable ways in the body.
And also in combination with each other.

Each of these effect your specific nutritional needsAnd with our knowledge, they can all be useful in achieving your goals.

The dreaded carbs: Do you know that simply eating a simple slice of bread all by itself will cause a rise in blood sugar.  But if you ate the same piece of bread with two eggs (protein), the rise in blood sugar occurs much slower and over a longer period of time, due to the presence of fat and protein.  See?  That is the way nature designed nutrients. It’s natural and it’s effective. And you’ll get it immediately.

Then there are fats: Adipose tissue, stearic acids, lipids and so on.  So many names it’s confusing, but there are only two kinds:

Trans fats: They are bad. They increase cholesterol.

Omega 3 fat: They are good. They mainly come from fish, olive oil, etc., but they have the opposite effect of tans fats. Neat, huh.

Everyone is concerned about obesity, so here’s the lowdown. Fat by itself doesn’t make us fat. Fat is excess energy stored for use at a later time.  Our bodies will not store fat as fat, (nor can our bodies store protein but that’s another thing).  The reason we get “fat” is by eating without understanding nutrition.

We already know this, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The only definition of fat we are concerned with is as it relates to being healthier. Again, it’s simple matter of the right combinations of these nutrients, not avoiding them.

Indispensable Protein. Protein’s role in the body is not hard to understand at all.  It builds and repairs tissue.  Physical activity demands new muscle tissues be formed.  Protein is the only source of nutrients that can do this.  Proteins do all sorts of good things from offsetting the sugar found in carbs slowing the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream to the Thermogenic Effect – the fact that your body uses twice the calories to digest protein than to digest fat or carb. Protein is way cool.

Okay, that’s the short version of the basics of nutrition.
How your personal nutritional needs use these is what we help you with
to assure maximum health and the attainment of your goals.


In fact, you won’t find it in many books either, because it’s not some new fad diet plan and it’s not complicated enough to sound scary.

It’s health through nutrition from centuries of wisdom.

You don’t need some stringent diet or whatever to get the right amount of nutrients. Just eating right, as you’ll discover with our professional nutritionists, will do a better job, and do it naturally in sync with your body’s needs.

We make it simple, but uniquely effective for you by helping you discover
your own needs and how to attain them naturally in the food you eat.


Let’s begin your personal HEALTH and NUTRITION program together.

Please contact us and make an appointment with one of our professional trainers.

We’ll get right back to you, at your convenience to begin your own personal journey to health and fitness