“Thanks MTS for all the extra workouts and getting me in the best shape possible. Love you guys”Michael Johnson
“Paul was an excellent employee. He was conscientious of his work and got along well with others. He is very motivated to be successful and takes great pride in what he does. Paul is a true professional at his work.”Tim Pack
“Paul is a well versed fitness guru that has worked with me one-on-one to develop a personalized plan for my physical well being. Because he has many years experience as a trainer, he knows a variety of creative training methods to ensure you are successful. I continue to appreciate his sense of humor and extreme professionalism when it comes to getting the most out of your workout. If you want to get off your fitness plateau, I recommend that you work with Paul.”Michael Wehrenberg
“Paul when you told me to come into the gym and check it out I was actually pretty nervous because I had no idea what to expect. You made the experience great and I felt really welcome by everyone. Now I couldn’t be happier mentally or physically. This is the best shape I have ever been in and I owe it all to you guys!! Thank you so much for making the gym actually fun!!”Codie Danielle Ure
“Paul is the best Personal Trainer I have ever worked with in 40 years if training. I needed to check all the boxes but the system does not allow it.”Tom Goss
“You won’t find a more professional, personalized training program anywhere. Paul and his team will create a program designed just for you and your needs. So get yourself over there and start becoming the person you think you should be.”Doug Kelly
My journey to new health and fitness began early in the decade when a friend recommended MTS and Paul Martino. With low back issues, my initial goal at the time was strength training to stay toned and conditioned to endure daily work on the horse farm. For a few ensuing years, I increased my overall strength and completely ended anti-inflammatory medication for the back.

In 2005, shortly after my oldest brother had a quintuple bypass as well as concerned about my weight of 215 pounds, I knew it was time to make a more drastic change. My cholesterol and lipids were elevated. Although I had significantly increased strength and muscle tone, I decided to finally adopt the overall MTS approach to health that Paul had preached for many years: fitness from not only a strengthening aspect…but also nutrition, core conditioning, flexibility, cardiovascular work and injury prevention.

With MTS personal training and following the South Beach Diet (a good carb, good fat diet developed by a cardiologist who pioneered CT heart imaging) I went from 215 pounds to 175 pounds, and from 21% body fat to 9% in eight months. My cholesterol and lipid tests have markedly improved…. now normal. I have easily maintained my ideal weight for five years now.

No doubt MTS has added many more healthy years to my life. I highly recommend MTS to anyone looking to change and obtain overall fitness as a lifestyle. Yes, training sessions are tough… but they are varied, upbeat and employ state of the art techniques. It takes hard work, but it is worth every minute of the commitment. Believe me, MTS takes you on the right journey to lifelong health! Just look at the results!Joe Mailloux