The Time is Now!


That’s right, the excuse season is over and it is time to begin the season of change. If it is to increase the intensity levels while in the gym, making a sincere effort to tweak your nutrition or get your extra exercise session in on the off days. Mother Nature might not exactly been giving us those spring like ays we have been asking for or the signs that lake season is approaching. Let’s all renew a commitment to better health and more importantly better bodies!

Some changes I think might be helpful world be to increase your intensity level and decrease your your duration on cardio sessions. As always you must listen to your body and be smart while exercising. Try running on the track or where ever you prefer to walk/run, get a good warm up and stretch in and then get ready to start burning some major calories. Run as hard as you can for 30 seconds then give yourself a 1:00 minute break. Do this up to 10 times, of course if you fill bad after six sprints, you either need to take a longer break or cool down and stretch and go for seven the next time.

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This might sound great to some, however if you truly make it intense and go past your comfort levels and keep it there for a little while, trust me, you will be begging for those long slow easy jobs chatting with your friends.  It is hard work and the benefits of increased metabolism, hormones and more calories burned as well as post workout caloric expenditure is well worth the extra work.

It might take a few weeks to see progress but with the tips provided here, you will have taken great steps to make this a much healthier and enjoyable summer.

Paul Martino, NSCA-CPT