MTS is now offering a group training class!!

This is the class that promises results in just 45-minute workouts! That’s RIGHT, 45 minutes – We won’t waste 1 minute of your time!

In our Metabolic Group Training Class, you can achieve the body you’ve been dreaming and searching for in just 3 workouts per week.

Our program incorporates a variety of compound movements that will challenge your whole body. Targeting your legs, glutes, arms, and abs while burning fat and crushing calories!

In these training sessions clients/athletes work in groups ranging from 6-8, with a certified fitness coach, who demonstrates progressions, implements proper regressions, and instructs and motivates through 45 minutes of high-intensity training.

YES, you read that right. Again, in ONLY 45 minutes a day, you can get healthy, strong, lean, and sexy if you give us your 100% of your effort!

Our group strength resistance training sessions are designed in an alternating set or circuit training format using a wide variety of exercises, such as bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, rings, kettlebells, and med balls.

Our strength sessions are designed to provide a strength-training program in an intense interval-based style. We train you guys like the athletes, making you not only aerobically strong but anaerobically strong as well.

The program will begin on October 7th and end on October 31st.

Class Specifics

Days : M, W, TH
Time: 10:00am.-10:45am
Cost: $150 per month
Class Size: 6-8 adults