Darwin Bickford – MTS Athlete of the Month

Darwin Bickford - MTS Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Darwin Bickford on being named April’s Athlete of the Month! A fan of both history and the Fighting Irish, he’s always willing to share his vast amount of knowledge about both. Standing between 6’3” – 6’ 6” (depending on how he styles his hair that day), this guy is hard to miss, unless you are never here between 5:00 – 8:00am. Along with being very diligent with each and every workout Darwin rarely misses a day. He has also taken it upon himself to make some big changes in his nutritional habits. Mainly he doesn’t diet, but eats a selection of healthy real foods and cut out all dairy products. Staying consistent with attitude and effort inside and outside of the gym have been the key to making overall health improvements and great physical changes. Keep it up Darwin!!!!