Chris Courtney – MTS Athlete of the Month

Chris Courtney - MTS Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Chris Courtney for being August’s Athlete of the Month!!! Chris has been with us for 13 years now!! Juggling his small business and travel, Chris continues to be a model of consistency(when he isn’t traveling with Shawna and the dogs). Chris owns Premier Sports Cars here in Springfield and can provide you with the most exotic of cars down to a Ford Escort. You are bound to see Chris in the gym around the 6:30 or 7:00am time slot. Saying he lives life to the fullest is an understatement. Even with his busy schedule Chris makes MTS a priority and part of his everyday life. His continued progress, support, and friendship is what makes our gym community a great place.

President, Premier Sports Cars

What did you do before joining MTS in regards to working out?
I worked out with a personal trainer for a few years prior to joining MTS (Kevin Walker).

How long have you been with MTS?
13 years (I think)

What’s your favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
I like chest & arms the best.

What’s your least favorite workout/exercise at MTS?

How is MTS different than other methods of training you may have tried in the past?
I like that it’s different everyday. Never the same workout.

How has MTS helped you attain your fitness goals or athletic endeavors?
I’ve gotten fatter and more out of shape (doesn’t have anything to do with wine.)

What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack?

Advice to those just starting out?
Stay with it. It gets easier.