Doug & Tarrah Devine – MTS Athletes of the Month

Doug & Tarrah Devine - MTS Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to the Devine’s for being November’s Athletes of the Month!! Doug and Tarrah have been training at MTS for almost a year. Both juggle a busy work schedule (also Doug’s hunting habits) but have made getting healthy a priority the past 9 months. Tarrah’s efforts have yielded noticeable muscle definition, strength, and aerobic capacity. Doug’s mobility, core strength, and stamina have all increased. Even with his limitations due to past injuries, Doug continues to show up and reap the health benefits. The consistency shown by both of them has been a big factor of their successful transformations. The MTS family is a better place with the Devine’s being part of it.

Name: Tarrah Devine

Occupation: Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

What did you do before joining MTS in regards to working out?
Hot yoga

How long have you been with MTS?
March 2019

What’s your favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
Back squats! Row.

What’s your least favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
Stationary bike.

How is MTS different than other methods of training you may have tried in the past?
The accountability! I enjoy the daily mixture, always something different. I need to be guided during a workout. It is great that the team knows my strengths and weaknesses.

How has MTS helped you attain your fitness goals or athletic endeavors?
I am definitely stronger! My person goal for years has been a yoga handstand – I’m strong enough to hold one now!!

What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack?
Anything at Old Mexico.

Advice to those just starting out?
Don’t give up! Make it part of your routine. You’ll be happy you have made the choice for better health!