Winston Quinn – MTS Athlete of the Month

Winston Quinn – MTS Athlete of the Month

Winston Quinn

Congratulations to Winston Quinn for being named March’s Athlete of the Month. Winston is a Senior at Glendale High School who started with us in December 2018 while he was also playing basketball. He remained consistent with his workouts coming in 3 days a week during basketball and increasing his calorie intake. He was successful in not losing any weight during basketball season. He has had a very busy and exciting 2019, signing to play football for William Jewell, receiving All Conference, and All District honors for basketball. Those early mornings have definitely paid off, he has gained 15 pounds and his core lifts continually increase. If you knew Winston prior to MTS you will see a big difference in his physique, he is HUGE! We will continue to train hard and get him ready for his next step in his athletic career. His great work ethic will allow for an easy transition.


What did you do before joining MTS in regards to working out?
Team lifting with football.

How long have you been with MTS?
Around 5 months.

What’s your favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
Trap bar deadlift.

What’s your least favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
Sled pushes.

How is MTS different than other methods of training you may have tried in the past?
MTS is more personalized training and I’m able to receive more advice and corrections throughout the workout.

How has MTS helped you attain your fitness goals or athletic endeavors?
By pushing me everyday, I have started to accomplish more of my goals.

What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack?
Starburst and Cherry Coke.

Advice to those just starting out?
Stick with it, results will not come right away, but if you stay committed you will begin to see results.