Meghan Sponenberg – MTS Athlete of the Month

Meghan Sponenberg – MTS Athlete of the Month

Meghan Sponenberg

Congratulations to Meghan Sponenberg for receiving October’s Athlete of the Month honors!! Meghan has been training with MTS since August 2013. In the last 6 months she has really committed herself to balancing a healthy lifestyle while being an All Star mom! We believe it’s her commitment to getting the work done in the gym and dietary changes that have attributed to her steady weight loss. Sticking with the program and allowing herself some hiccups along the way has allowed her to have the state of mind to not stop striving for her ultimate goal!! Not to mention her supportive husband Dr. Steven Sponenberg and friend circle that are always there for her. Keep it up Meghan, and we can’t wait to help you with your future success!!

The Real Housewives of Springfield

What did you do before joining MTS in regards to working out?
A different personal trainer.

How long have you been with MTS?
5 years

What’s your favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
I usually like Wednesday workouts – usually more cardio those days.

What’s your least favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
I don’t have one.

How is MTS different than other methods of training you may have tried in the past?
The energy at MTS is very positive from the trainers to the clients – everyone is there to work, but have fun too. I also appreciate the flexibility from when I can go to a modified workout to meet my needs.

How has MTS helped you attain your fitness goals or athletic endeavors?
The trainers have been very encouraging and make sure the workout is the right fit for me.

What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack?
Anything sweet.

Advice to those just starting out?
Just start and don’t be discouraged if it’s hard – it will get better!