Erin Sanders (and Nick) – MTS Athletes of the Month

Erin & Nick Sanders

Erin Sanders (and Nick)

Mom to Calvin, Sophia, & Isabella

What did you do before joining MTS in regards to working out?
Weight training occasionally.

How long have you been with MTS:
It will be 2 years in the spring.

What’s your favorite workout at MTS?
Pulling the slide or weighted rope.

What’s your least favorite workout/exercise at MTS?
Anything with the kettle bell.

How is MTS different than other methods of training you may have tried in the past?
The routines are different every day do it’s always changing and working different muscle groups as opposed to things I have done in the past where it might be the same exercises.

How has MTS helped you attain your fitness goals or athletic endeavors?
I (Erin) broke my ankle last fall and  truly believe I would not have recovered so quickly afterwards without the help of the MTS trainers. I continue to get stronger and build endurance.

Favorite Cheat Meal or Snack?
Andy’s Custard!

Advise to those starting out?
The more you come the more you get out of it.